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How to Track Stolen Phone? IMEI Tracking? Find IMEI of Stolen Phone? What to do?

This will display the website as if it were on a computer. Once you're logged into your iCloud account you can access the Find My iPhone app to do a few things:. Use the browser on an Android smartphone in incognito mode so none of your personal information is stored on a device that isn't yours.

Be sure to log out of all accounts and close the incognito browser when you're finished. Even if you own an iPhone, there's a good chance you have a Gmail account or use some Google apps or features that require Google login credentials.

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If you're logged in to your Googe account on your iPhone, you're in luck and can easily track your iPhone. Open an incognito tab in a browser on an Android device and log in to account. All the smartphones connected to your Google account will be listed here, including iPhones. Select the iPhone you wish to track and input your Google password once more. This step is done for extra verification. The information page will show basic details including the last time the Google account was synced to the device and the last log-in location and time.

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If any logins look suspicious you can select Something looks wrong for the option to change your Google password. Other options are listed below including Find and lock your iPhone , Try calling your iPhone , Sign out of your iPhone , and Reach out to your carrier. Select the option that's most suited to your situation. To use the Find and lock your iPhone option, you will need your iCloud login credentials.

Tracking your iPhone through Google Maps may be a little archaic, but it can help in a pinch. This method can help you retrace your steps and figure out where you left your phone. In order for this method to work, you must have Google Maps installed on your iPhone and Google location history enabled. In the Google Maps settings, access Google location settings and Google location history.

Toggle the option On if it isn't already.

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Log in to your Google Maps location history in an incognito browser on an Android device. Select the date your phone went missing and review locations you visited and travel routes you took on that date.

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  5. Use Find My iPhone to see them on a map. Open Menu Close Menu Apple.

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    Track and find your missing Apple device When you turn on Find My iPhone, iCloud can help you get your missing device back. Find your missing device Sign in at iCloud. Sign in. Download the app. Learn about Activation Lock. Learn how to turn on Find My iPhone. Learn about all Find My iPhone features.

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