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Both of these services have GPS location tracking feature that now only allows parents and employers to see the current GPS coordinates and location of the target device but also allows them to record their routes and routines. Both of these apps and services allow users to see the contact list of target phone remotely and users can get their hands on all the monitored data from the web portal company provides at the time of purchase, though mSpy has some additional features like remote device wipeout, remote device locking, device information as well as access to the media files stored on the target device and access to the events saved in calendar.

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Administrators can remotely install and even uninstall apps from the target device. On the other hand, mSpy offers so many packages to users so they can select the best one according to their feature requirements and time period. Unfortunately it is not possible to describe all the packages here because there are too many variations so you can see that on their official website.

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Though both of these apps and service do what they are designed for yet mSpy is a better option because of its advanced features, compatibility and more importantly pricing and packages. Spybubble rating.

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Installation and Initialization Developing teams behind both of these apps and services have done their best to keep things simple and straight forward. Compatibility When it comes to compatibility with different kind of devices, mSpy is a clear winner as it supports desktop PCs as well as mobile devices with different mobile platforms. Key Features Both of these apps all the basic monitoring features you want to see in a monitoring app or software yet mSpy has more advanced features that allows users to go to extra miles to protect their kids or businesses.

How to install SpyBubble

Locations Visited Spying : Spy on anywhere and everywhere your cheating partner or teen travels to using GPS location tracking presently an inherent feature of mobile devices. Spy on these locations clearly and easily on a map in your Spybubble members area. Contacts Monitoring : View each and every contact name and phone numbers logged into their cell phone phone book.

Web History Tracking : Observe all internet pages the target download with the telephone web browser.

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Spybubble PRO for Android has additional high powered spy features. I personally feel Spybubble PRO is a better bet for the money but if you do not need these extra spy features why spend the money. Call Interception: Indicate any number and SpyBubble will alert you when the targeted Android has begun a call with that number!

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Listen in on any conversation that the targeted Smart Phone happens to be involved in. Call Recording: This Spybubble PRO feature enables you to record conversations between the target smartphone and any number you designate in your Spybubble members area. These conversations can be downloaded and played at any time.

Works for incoming and outgoing calls.

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  • Environment Listening: Secretly turns the targeted Smart Phone into a microphone connected directly to your Smart Phone. If anything audible is going on within the proximinity of the targeted Smart Phone's mic, you'll be able to hear it loud and clear without anyone knowing that they're being listened to! As if turning the targeted Smart Phone into a microphone wasn't enough, this feature actually captures and stores the audio onto your SpyBubble account! Whatever that image captures will be uploaded to the control panel of your SpyBubble account.

    Live Video: If picture's aren't good enough, SpyBubble Pro members can also implement the Live Video feature, which activates the targeted Smart Phone's video camera and then stores up to five full minutes of what is recorded directly inside of your SpyBubble account's control panel! Whatsapp Tracking: - Monitors, tracks and stores all conversations which take place on the targeted iPhone or Android's Whatsapp application!

    If at any point anything is unclear then contact Spybubble Support and then will take care of it for you. Now choose the Spybubble version according to your target phone model as below. The application file will be stored on the phone. Now open the web browser on the phone. Click on this and you should see the radio. Click on the apk file It should start the installation.

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