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Here are more features:. It is one of the best apps that you are looking to install in your Android phone. This best phone tracker app for android is simply an anti-theft app and tracks the stolen or lost device via GPS. Similar to all other apps, this app also detects a new SIM card and takes the picture via the camera and sends it to your social account.

This app mainly emphasizes on tracking your friends, dear ones, family, or anyone that is close to you. TheTruthSpy app provides you access to a large number of pioneering features that allows you to remotely track your phone. Availing features of best phone tracker app for Android help you know about the advanced technology that you can use anywhere and anytime. In the list of best phone tracker apps for iPhone , Highster Mobile Spy comes out to be the most preferred app. It has unique features to avail. This is one of the best phone tracker apps for iPhone available in the market.

You can track your friends, family, or those who are important to you. It is quite simple to use and is flexible. Due to its flexibility, simplicity, and versatility, TrackGPS Mobile is considered as best tracking app.

10 Best Android GPS Tracking Apps to track Android Devices

If you are looking for a high-quality phone tracker app for iPhone , then Life is what you need. As your child is growing, you need to keep an eye on his activities as everything for him in the adolescent phase is new and exciting.

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You have to help him to follow the right track and shape his future well. Being a parent, if you ever doubt that your kid has lied to you about his last night group study, then Flexispy Phone Tracker comes to the rescue to help you out. Both best phone tracker app for Android and phone tracker app iPhone allow you to spy on the target device or any person whom you want to track.

You can simply listen or see anything that takes place on the target phone. Consider the best app that acts both as a parental app and GPS tracker to help you find every activity of your kid. Spyzie can help you in many ways as an excellent phone tracker app.

2. GEO-Tracker

Failure to do so is likely to result in violation of applicable law that could result in severe monetary and criminal penalties imposed on the violator. In the following guide, though, we are going to list the six best GPS tracking app for Android that you can use to track the location of your Android device as well as any other device if the app is installed. Let's check out the list. Xnspy is a professional GPS tracker that allow you to track location of your kids in real-time letting you know if they are safe enough. Spyera has been one of the best spy apps ever available for Android devices and it works as a GPS tracker as well.

With the tracking feature in the app, you can find out somebody's GPS location and see it on the screen of your device. It makes it extremely easy to locate where your partner, your kids, your friends, and your family members are. All that needs to be done is the app needs to be installed on all the devices you wish to find the location of and you are good to go. Glympse is an application that lets you share the live GPS location of your device with whoever you want. You can share your location with your friends, your family, and anybody else and they can view your location information without signing up for anything.

They can even access your location from a web panel which means they don't need to install the app to be able to view your location. Family Locator goes a step further than Glympse and allows you to share your location not just with a single person but with a circle that could contain your friends and family members. All the users who are part of your circle will be able to track your location using GPS on their devices. It utilizes the GPS feature on your device to find out your device's exact location and shows it on the screen.

Safe has been built to increase the security of your friends and family members as it lets you find out the location of your beloved using the GPS function on their devices. With this app installed on your device, you can easily see where your brother, your wife, your husband, etc, are at any given time. What the GPS Phone Tracker app does for you is it helps you keep a log of all the places you have been to. It tracks you right from the beginning and lets you view what places you have visited after you installed the app on your device.

We hope the above guide helps you with GPS tracker app for Android free download and that you can find an app that is suitable for you to help you track yourself and your friends using their GPS location. Mobile Tracker.

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Recheck where they are at a certain point in time. Set alerts for important locations like your kids' school, nearby pubs, and discos, and stay notified about their moves all the time. The app is great because you can make a good attempt to find the phone. Those are the big two abilities for apps that find your phone. Updates in late added indoor map support for places like malls, stadiums, and airports for easier locating in areas like that. Cerberus has long been the name people think of when it comes to find my phone apps. It has a diverse set of features that includes locking and resetting your phone, sounding alarms, displaying messages on screen, and it even has access to the front facing camera so you can take a picture of the thief.

There is a free trial. Its entire purpose is to help you find your phone if it goes missing. However, it is also more lightweight than something like Cerberus. It has the basic features like finding your phone, locking your device, and setting off an alarm. Most major carriers at least in the US have find my phone apps that you can use. Generally, the services cost money that gets added to your bill every month. However, in exchange, the carriers will help you find your phone.

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They cost a varying amount of money. Generally, you have to sign up for an account through the company. You can then use that account to find your phone. The services are usually free and the phone will usually prompt you to set these accounts up when you first turn on your phone. However, you can do it at almost any time. We recommend digging around your Settings to look into it. However, there are still a few additional things that you can do to try to get your device back.

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This should be the first thing anybody with a Google-enabled Android phone does. Unless we missed something or if your OEM disabled it for some reason , Find My Phone should be enabled by default for most people. Thus, as long as your location is enabled, Google should be able to find your phone. Click here to visit the Find My Phone website to try to track down your phone. You can also click here to learn more about Find My Phone. Without any sort of system or app in place, your best bet is to do the same old stuff. Call or text your phone to try to reach out to the person who might have it.

Believe it or not, that does work sometimes.