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    Perhaps you prefer Hacker News? That's available now too with the Hacker News Reader. I've got Spotify on four other devices and my PC so I need it on my phone too. Finally, it's here. It plays music in the background and under the lock screen and it integrates with the existing Music Hub so it doesn't feel like a 3rd class citizen.

    When I get tired of Spotify, sometimes I'll just let videos play with Vevo playlists. It also has a nice Live Tile.

    How to track phone location

    There is also Last. All the functionality is there and cleanly integrated with the Photos Hub. Crop, Rotate, Effects, etc. It's a must-have if you are doing any photography on your phone. Say what you will about using a supercomputersmartphonewith8megapixels to take crappy Polaroid pictures but I'm a big Instagram fan. Unfortunately it doesn't appear that Instagram the company is interested in fostering a 3rd party client application ecosystem because their API is effectively crippled with no upload support.

    Seems odd.

    Also consider Flickr if you use that service. I'm a paying Dropbox user and a big fan. I can pin Dropbox folders to the start screen and email links to files in my Dropbox.

    Key features

    I've got a few files on SkyDrive including some photos and OneNote files, so there's an official SkyDrive client as well. This app particularly shines when editing Word and Excel documents from the cloud on your phone. Yes, Skype, baby. It's beta as of the time of this writng, so you can't search for it, you need to go get Skype for Windows Phone from this link or read their help page on Skype for Windows Phone.

    I'm less interested in the Video part, although that's cool, and more in the audio calls part.

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    It's completely cut out international long-distance from my life, and I still get to talk on my same phone. GroupMe might not seem obvious or essential at first, but my team uses it all the time.

    That means you can put together a group of family members and start a chat without paying for SMS costs, and everyone can talk to everyone at the time time across platforms. It's fantastically useful, especially if you want to include non-smartphone-using Dad or Mom on the social. Ya, they get their own category. Both apps are of exceedingly high quality. The Amazon Mobile app has UPC scanning as well as the ability to pin a scanning tile to you rhome screen so you can scan with one click.

    The Kindle app is as you'd expect. It has a very nice theme but then turns into a clean reader when you are in the book with options for fonts and colors. Best part, it syncs you pages between all your Kindle devices. As an honorary mention to the Amazon section, check out Craigslist Mobile. A very attractive and polished app more than the CL website! I was impressed they had a native app. They are almost so useful that they should be built into the OS. That's when I know a utility is work my time Ok, I'll cheat, the first one is mine.

    Mobile GPS Tracker

    I always think it's silly to get a fancy phone with a GPS to track it when it's lost. Why not just put your phone number on the wallpaper? Absolutely essential.

    Open and close an app

    Wiztiles Pro is a little hard to understand but if you use the phone for more than a day you'll immediately want what it has to offer. It's essentially a shortcut creation kit. For example, I added custom shortcuts to my browser with a custom downloaded theme icon, added a directly link to Share Status. You can customize anything you like, even break large pictures up into tiles.

    You can customize the phone's tiles in ways you didn't think possible. It's really amazing.